Joe Biden commander in thief not Chief Trump Election Fraud shirt

And Joe Biden commander in thief not Chief Trump Election Fraud shirt those first two times the watch was turned off, stem still out. So I’d say tell the customer it wasn’t turned on. They were perplexed. How were they supposed to know that? Well we did tell the buyers how to do that since we left them off to save the batteries. Then they’d storm out. It went on year after year even when we offered to turn them on or were, as usual, told how to turn them on. There is a little plastic piece that is on the stem to keep it out and turned off. In later years the owner would come in with the plastic piece still in place. I always tried to be gentle but I had to tell the buyer and the owner that the instruction book was very helpful in all aspects of the watch. I went to the doctors because I kept getting this re occurring pain that felt like I was getting kicked in the balls. So I went and the my doctor’s tells me it’s cancer. At first he thought it was prostate cancer.

Alabama Crimson Tide American Flag Punisher Skull shirt

Almost a full 3 weeks go by and no word back from my doctor I’m stressing. And I came to the conclusion I’m not doing the chemo and I’m not taking the pain meds. As I had just got clean from opiates, well all drugs in general but opiates were my addiction. And to make things worse I had to cut off all communication with my family because they were furious about my decision to not fight it. I blocked all of them my dad,stepmom and 2 sisters because if I’m on a clock now I don’t want to spend any of what’s left arguing about something that’s inevitably my decision and I made it. And I don’t think that counts if the one doing the rebelling is also the one trying to invoke martial law. The dutchess of self obsessed has made her own life difficult without the help of a killer virus shutting the world down and will continue to do so for as long as she can, and is allowed to wreak havoc.


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