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But after I went to elementary school, he became way nicer Jimmy Scooter Christmas Jumper Merry Christmas shirt, calmer, and not as abusive as he was. He started to pamper me with books/toys randomly, spoke very nicely to me, and did everything I asked him to, such as drawing for me (he’s a good illustrator). I started to respect and love him after that because I could finally see him as a ‘normal’, approachable and functioning human I could really talk to. I also started to take sides with my parents; he became the nice, favorable parent I could rely upon to. I don’t want to be a non-approachable monster for my children. I don’t want to because I know what it feels like to fear someone that supposed to be the ones that hold you with love. It sucked big time and most likely would affect your children mentally, physically, and verbally as they grow up. I don’t want to raise my children to be a bitter, depressed, and repressed adult because of my foul way of parenting. And at the end, you just want to be and do good. Because by being good, you serve as an example. And by being bad, you serve as a warning.

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Jimmy Scooter Christmas Jumper Merry Christmas shirt

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The greatest fear is ending up with the wrong guy. In the early years of marriage things seem fine but after some time the effect of newness starts wearing off. You start feeling compatibility issues and now there are more responsibilities and less love. Some adjust and continue with their marriage but some try to break free but it’s is not that easy because marriage is a complex thing, it’s not like a teenage relationship in which you can break up whenever you like. When you are married, you can’t just break up with your partner, you have to file for a divorce. When people file for divorce, it’s the worst stage ever, because now it’s not only you who is suffering. Because when you get Married, your family and your partner’s family gets involved (unlike dating/relationship where families are not much involved and you can break up with your partner without affecting your families.), Now every decision that you take will affect the people involved. And if you have kids, then one can’t even think of divorce because sometimes it’s like saving yourself at the risk of destroying your kid’s future. Marriage is about adjustment, which you do on a day to day basis so that your marriage can survive and eventually for love to bloom in that marriage.

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