Jesus has called me and I answered shirt

After the fair we would walk home, this year I was with my school friend Geoff and my cousin Paul and we all had to walk east through the athletic fields and then some vacant fields by the old folks home before you got to the main drag where we would all head off in our separate directions, if we got there. One of the games we played often was light a match, throw it in to a patch of dry grass and then let the fire get as big as you thought and you could still put out. Then scramble. So this fine spring day when everything was nice and brown still and the grass was dry in the vacant field by the old folks home we decided to stop for a game of “see if you can put out this fire.” It was a little closer to civilization than we usually played but what the heck, it was nice and breezy so it would be a short game. So we started flipping matches about and it wasn’t long before one flared up nicely and we all stood and stared, holding each other back with our body motions but urging the others to start putting it out with our eyes. Then there was a pretty good gust of wind and in a heartbeat it was out of control. We tried to put that fire out but all we had was our jackets to slap at it with while we stomped around in it.

Jesus has called me and I answered shirt

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It was our tried and true method. But soon old men were coming out of the old folks home with glasses of water and whatever. By that time I want to run because this has fire department written all over it but my cousin Paul (for the record we called him Paus) starts trucking water out with the old geezers and me and Geoff are just freaking out because we can hear the sirens and then it was too late. So funny thing is, no one from the old folks home ratted us out, we ditched 80% of our trade fair match supply so at least our pockets weren’t overflowing with matches and then we just lied our asses off to the firemen and said we came across the fire and stopped to help put it out. Fair enough, we were in the clear. Except for one thing. Paus was one of those guys who was kind of a slack jawed yokel but every now and then, he says how are we all going home covered in soot and reaking like a grass fire. I know there is no way my mother buys we just happened on this fire so, and I can’t remember whose idea, but we were off to the laundry mat.