Iteeres-Tiger King parody T-shirt

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Tiger King parody longsleeved

Tiger King parody longsleeved

There is Tiger King parody T-shirt currently 5,000 to 10,000 tigers imprisoned in the United States alone. There are less than 4,000 in nature. If the Chinese were constantly paying poachers to kill wild tigers, they would be extinct. They were intimidated. We need to stop all exotic animals being sold and bred in the United States. No one has land or money to properly care for most exotic animals, especially large cats and secondly bears. They are highly abused. There is a new documentary on Netflix called Tiger Tiger King. That would persuade anyone who pushes to have laws passed against the ownership of exotic animals. He is a paper tiger a toothless tiger (I usually save it when I’m talking about the boomer baby gene) tony tiger is endangering a tiger liger a lily tiger a king tiger.

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