Iteeres-Straight Outta Toilet Paper T-shirt

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Straight Outta Toilet Paper longsleeved

Straight Outta Toilet Paper longsleeved

The toilet paper will stop when all of the Straight Outta Toilet Paper T-shirt people below say that the coronavirus does not lie on your bottom about your throat and sinuses. I hear a lot of people are going crazy at the store to buy it. I think maybe it has to do with the stomach like running. (shits) lol everyone was worried about not wanting to go out when it hit, so they stock toilet paper. They really need to think about food water and other things to survive. They should not just start collecting things long ago. Not now. But we see they have a really necessary TOILET paper !!! Oh, don’t forget anything done like its tissue. In my opinion, the two types of textured paper are the best, most comfortable.