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Though she is very much part of the Official Chicken Grandma shirt in addition I really love this change, Sánchez-Kane says she has been enjoying seeing Mexico’s fashion community take risks and break the mold. “Fashion Week has been going on for years, but it’s still very traditional,” she says. “There’s some brands coming up that have more identity instead of just [doing] cocktail dresses. That’s how I saw the scene when I was growing up: cocktail dresses and wedding dresses.” She’s also been hopeful about seeing more Mexican representation in fashion outside of the country. “There’s more representation of the Latino community with models, and hopefully it’s not just a trend for big brands,” she says. “There’s a lot of power right now—even in this strange year.”

Official Chicken Grandma shirt

If you’re looking for a radical wardrobe refresh, take a note from Cara Delevingne. On Tuesday, the Official Chicken Grandma shirt in addition I really love this model posted a dressed-up look to Instagram that came complete with some yeehaw flair. Striking a sassy pose, she echoed Dolly Parton in an over-the-top teal fringed jacket and a pair of matching pants. As a final touch to make the look feel larger-than-life, she added a huge cowboy hat. Call it giddy-up chic. And while Delevingne went full Wild West, Kim Kardashian West leaned into something a little more Victorian feeling. In her signature mirror selfie, she gazed deeply into the mirror in baggy white pants and an electric blue corset with illustrated faces. Where is she going? We’ll have to check the news wires for that.

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