Istyleshirt-Work hard stay humble shirt

Next came Matteland her exaggerated black-and-white eye look. We are getting in drag and we have nowhere to go, said Mattel moments after switching on a background disco ball. And that is really the Work hard stay humble shirt in other words I will buy this spirit of drag, isn’t it A discussion around beauty and identity followed, leading into an appearance by Milk. You know, just a little lip for this quarantine moment, she said, her pout contoured and extremely-overdrawn to metallic pink perfection. A drag queen’s best friend is lip liner, Milk directed, as Cyrus followed her amped-up cues. And then, naturally, a dance party ensued. The episode evoked thoughts of an irreverent-yet-sweet slumber party, the exact sort of vibe that makes social distancing feel more free and less lonely. With a schedule of forthcoming guests including the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Bright Minded is destined to be a part of your regular remote routine.


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