In october we wear pink face mask

In october we wear pink face mask

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Around February 1948, there are documents recorded in June 1947 that took place a strange event at sea. Some British radar stations located in Singapore and Sumatra, Indonesia received an emergency signal from Ourang Medan with the content: “SOS … SOS all dead, I am the only survivor”. messy characters with dots. When the signal is reconnected, it will say “I am dying” and then silence. The part of the message is sent with Morse code and the part is not encrypted. Two US ships running in the Strait of Malacca received a signal and proceeded to rescue the Ourang Medan and what the rescue team witnessed was extremely gruesome. There was no survivor on the Ourang Medan, the crew of death scattered on the ship in a very strange condition, they all have in common: their eyes open, their faces in utter horror. The corpses did not have any injuries, nor did the property on the ship disappear, so it was concluded that the ship was not attacked by pirates. In october we wear pink face mask. While examining the scene, the cargo hold of Ourang Medan suddenly caught fire, causing the rescue team to retreat. Then the Ourang Medan exploded, caught fire to the point that it was lifted from the sea surface and sank to the ocean floor. There are many theories about this event, some claim that the Ourang Medan was carrying the death cargo as a mixture of potassium cyanide and nitroglycerine or toxic gas leading to a dangerous accident. However, all questions are not answered and the fact that the Ourang Medan is forever the biggest mystery in maritime history.

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