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I’m going to give you the answer you want Ice Hockey Christmas ornament tree Xmas shirt. Because they are arrogant. And I’d point to many of the answers on this thread here as evidence, as coupled by the fact that on the right, related questions include “Are Atheists Arrogant by nature?”, “How can one be a strong atheist? Isn’t it arrogant?” “Is it right for an atheist to be arrogant about his argument?” “How can atheists avoid coming across as arrogant when discussing atheism with religious friends?” And so on. Believe me, there’s more, but if I wrote them all down, I’d put their short attention spans to sleep faster than you could say “Ayn Rand” or whatever summons them when you chant it in a mirror three times. Now a lot of that nitpicking of related answer headlines from before is because it’s related to this question, that’s both true and obvious. But it’s time for atheists, as a community, to see the general reaction to their beliefs and change. But they won’t. Just look at responses on this thread. “ITS ALL YOU!” is essentially what most of the answers here boil down to.

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It’s nonsensical (Ill let you reread that last part to really drive that point home), and it’s wrong. Criticism is important for any community, but unfortunately (as the anti-vax movement has reminded us) when people are absolutely convinced THEY are right, and everybody else just doesn’t get it, you can scream a million statistics their way and it just won’t matter. Worst of all, you never really speaking to them. They are just hearing what they assume is a message for other people, not them personally. So they don’t need to absorb it, “Other” people do. They’re always right, we’re always wrong. And it’s never dawned on any of them, as a community apparently, that they’re never wrong, and that in and of itself is not right. Atheism right now is at a crossroads, to either become more approachable or let the idiots ruin everything. Unfortunately, due to their criticism blindness, they don’t see themselves at a crossroads, and instead see themselves basking in sunlight atop some throne being fed grapes by the subhuman classes and going after me for (albeit harshly) pointing out simply what I’ve seen over the past few years: a quick rise in radicalism, unchecked, cause atheism is always right, and I guess I’m just wrong for saying anything.


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