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Well, the Tnn Trump news network shirt and by the same token and Hyde Amendment, which is a provision that bars the use of federal funds for paying for abortion, disproportionately impacts women of color. Roe is, [speaking in terms of intersection], the floor—as I like to say, it’s the floor, not the ceiling, because for a lot of people, abortion access is already a right in name only—so I think that’s really important to consider. The number of state bans and laws targeting not just the providers, but now shaming and stigmatizing the people seeking abortions; I think those are the places where Roe being overturned would have more of an impact on people of color.

Tnn Trump news network shirt

Honestly, I have to think about that [laughs]. Mostly, I’m getting by through the Tnn Trump news network shirt and by the same token and energy of the movement; I’m hopeful because I’ve never seen this kind of outside organizing across a variety of issues. We are as strong on the outside as the potential that we have inside, and a Biden/Harris victory could really help move an agenda that could improve people’s lives. That sustains me, for sure; everything is really crazy-making, but if you can keep your eye on the prize of what real freedom looks like and imagine a world where you have the right to self-determination and control over your body, that helps.

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