I feel empathy inside shirt

Suddenly she noticed a girl wearing a top that looked torn arround the I feel empathy inside shirt Furthermore shoulder from where her bra strap was clearly visible. Below are some of the pictures that have a close similarity to what she was wearing. So my friend thought she should tell the girl that her top is torn and help her get it covered. She went close to that girl with her scraf in hand and said “ hey I think your top is torn from the shoulder, here you can take my scarf to cover up” to which the girl looked a her weirdly and said in a very loud voice “EXCUSE ME!! ITS FASHION” To this my friend took a slight step back with embarrassment and turned arround pretending nothing happened. That was a last day she ever tried to help a girl with cloths that were torn, because now she thinks all of this is fashion.

I feel empathy inside shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

I feel empathy inside shirt

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