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Anna and Maya’s worlds widen in season two, both predictably and heartbreakingly; any tween friendship as close as theirs must eventually be rounded out by other friends, extracurriculars, and crushes, but as I watched the Mamasaurus Shirt and I will buy this season’s events unfold, I longed for the two girls to stay in their safe little chrysalis of inside jokes, Jim Carrey impressions, Sylvanian Families games, and—this season—dabbling in witchcraft. (Goth tweens, assemble!) Of course, spending eternity locked in a boundary-blurring best friendship wouldn’t be healthy—on this front, too, I can speak from personal experience—but it’s hard not to hope against hope that Anna and Maya could make it through the teen years unscathed.

Mamasaurus Shirt


When asked if it’s possible for the Mamasaurus Shirt and I will buy this purity and intensity of Anna and Maya’s friendship to survive into adulthood, Erskine and Konkle are mutually pensive. “In my future imagining of Anna and Maya, they’re still best friends, but it looks different,” said Konkle. “At that age, your best friend can be your priority, always,” Erskine agreed. “It’s such a strong devotion and loyalty. You probably have those feelings, still, as adults—I definitely do, towards Anna!—but you also have to be an adult and prioritize other things.”

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