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A few months after our diagnosis, my husband and I had attended a breakout session on the topic of adoption at an infertility conference. The glacier-like teacher of the Hot shirts on Moteefe on 2021/01/26 spent the hour giving a roomful of hurting, TTC couples the unvarnished truth. ‘If you choose to adopt, you need to remember your child will always have two sets of parents and families. They will not share your genes or your temperament; you’re just going to have to deal with it.’ So much for a spoonful of sugar with our medicine. I was in the process of facing the hard truth of my mutinous body, the inability to steer my ship in a chosen direction. I had no desire to share my child with anyone else. I scribbled out ‘adoption’ as a choice and vowed to pursue infertility treatment with my heart, soul, and bank account.

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Hot shirts on Moteefe on 2021/01/26

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