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The scary reality of the Victory Monday Shirt But I will love this COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s a changing situation, and there’s no telling what’s on the horizon. As Cohen points out, being prepared for all scenarios is the best strategy to ensure the healthiest outcome. “We need to embrace the fact that this is insane and not what you envisioned—let that be present,” Cohen advises pregnant women navigating uncharted territory in the time of COVID-19. “Knowing how quickly these rules can change, it’s really key to have a virtual support plan in place so that you know, no matter what, you will have a semblance of support and community in place.” But Pournaras hopes that in terms of prioritizing maternal heath, New York City can act as an example for the rest of the U.S. “I really hope that this order does set a precedent around our country for any communities that are going through an influx of COVID-19 patients,” she says. “New York state has committed to maternal health and I really hope that commitment is adopted across the board so that no one in any community has to fight these same types of policies

Victory Monday Shirt


Feeling anxious, hbu?” posed model Paloma Elsesser in the Victory Monday Shirt But I will love this caption of her fresh-faced selfie, her face framed by a single latex glove. Looking for a flash of sun in self-isolation, Salem Mitchell caught some rays through her window and showed off her beautiful freckled complexion with a gleaming bottom row grill. And on the topic of shine, Pharrell clearly hasn’t been kipping out on his skincare, as evidenced by his contemplative snap. Model and DJ Soo Joo Park kept her spirits high with a little self-care and a solo-cheers inside her bathroom. “A short escape from the brain fog” was needed for Ashley Graham as well; the model embracing a “full glam” look with flicks of turquoise liner and auburn shadow for family zoom session. Finally, Aweng Chuol, sporting dewy skin and a fresh fade, reminded followers to do their best to “stay sane.”

Victory Monday Shirt Hoodie

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