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My husband, Daniel, and I reluctantly put aside our wine glasses and joined the It’ll Never Work T-shirt moreover I will buy this circle she was determinedly forming. After leading us through some deep-breathing exercises, Florence asked us to share our goals and hopes for this period of quarantine. One-by-one, we voiced our “intentions:” Communicate well, keep fit, be patient, and not judge each other. Then, my 86-year old mother chimed in: “My intention is to stay alive.”

It’ll Never Work T-shirt


It was our first communal meal as a family since Christmas, when we were still adjusting to life together without my 88-year old father, Bill, the It’ll Never Work T-shirt moreover I will buy this emotional linchpin of our brood, who died in late October. But there were still plenty of characters around the table.

It’ll Never Work T-s Hoodie

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