Homer Simpson I got vaccinated bit is still want some of you to shirt

Anyway, I was moving into the second floor apartment and there was a tenant on the first floor. The first floor apartment had parking in a driveway on the left side of the house but the lot was probably only 25-feet or so wide. So when i pulled my truck up on the street I was partially blocking the driveway.We started to unload and the downstairs tenant came out and asked me to move the truck. I introduced myself as the new owner (they had known the house was sold) and went to get the keys. I told them I’d be right back to move the truck so they could get out and they told me that they weren’t leaving right now but they didn’t want the driveway blocked in case they wanted to go out later.

Homer Simpson I got vaccinated bit is still want some of you to shirt

If you don’t need a mask because God will protect you why do you need a gun shirt

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My brother-in-law’s brother moved to the United States from New Zealand. After dining at a nice restaurant in California, the brother’s wife, who left much of her meal on her plate, unscrewed the lid on the salt shaker and poured it over the leftover food. She believed the staff at the restaurant would eat the leftovers from patrons’ plates, and since she had paid for the meal, nobody else was entitled to eat it.

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