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Therefore, to ensure Pakistan,s National Interests Hi I’m your mom’s great uncle’s wife’s grandmas’s we’re related shirt, it is vital to watch & monitor all activities. Forces have research institutions as well. They have researched even reasons for our economic failures. They are providing certain guidelines but in a participative way & not in an imperative way. This is the best strategy. This strategy is well suited to Pakistan. We have to move forward in democracy but with financial discipline & transparency. Our Armed Forces have decided to impose financial discipline, transparency & austerity. Corrupt politicians who mercilessly looted the economic resources & destroyed our vital institutions have to return amassed wealth otherwise to face the music. No propaganda against our armed forces at any level would InshaAllah hamper the process already began. We know what is democracy. We also know how to bring Pakistan out of this quagmire without compromising the bare minimum level of democracy in our country. After all, System is for a nation & not a nation for a System. When you look around the world, the countries that are consistently the most free and the highest rated democracies have a king or queen.

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The difference lies in culture, both societal and political. It is the Western constitutional monarchies where freedom and democracy thrive. A king doesn’t necessarily mean less freedom. It can mean more freedom. Why? The Crown. It’s a concept that doesn’t exist in republics. Democracy has weaknesses. Inherent weaknesses that must be accepted and dealt with. The weakest democracies are those who do not recognize this, and they fall victim to those faults. The Crown is one of the ways to handle those problems. The government must be designed to counter the tyranny of the majority as well as the tyranny of the few, or the one. But another problem in government is the one thing they must have: the politicians. Who is freer, the person whose judges are partisan political appointees or the person whose judges are chosen by an independent commission based on merit and experience? Who is freer, the person whose government administrators/civil service are partisan politicians who interpret the law themselves or the person whose civil service, all the way to the top, are experienced civil servants promoted on merit and experience and for whom showing their politics is considered a failure?

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