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When I was dating an ex it was early on and Guess what I need shirt were now getting to know each other . My phone had died when I was at a family event and I called him on my sisters phone , I had no clue she saved his number . A few months later things are going amazing but he suddenly refused to speak to me . He sent me a text saying I wasn’t who he thought i was and he was done with me . I was so confused . I pleaded with him to let me know what I did or give me a chance to make things better because I really did want it to work . He eventually told me that my own sister called him and made up lies about me , told him that I was sleeping with multiple people and just a bunch of things that were not only untrue but surprising for him to believe since we spoke about everything and hung out all the time . The situation taught me a hard life lesson that sometimes your own flesh and blood would dislike you and I haven’t spoken to either of them in over 5 years .

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And it is also BETTER FOR YOU. If you were staying there for free, there would be constant tension. Have you stayed too long? Are you still welcome? If she wants you to leave but can’t bring herself to tell you, that could really put stress on your friendship. Does that sound good for your mental health, alway wonering if your friend resents you? Not to me. In the video you can hear her repeatedly say she would tase the guy. When the other officer pulled away because he was going to be dragged by some idiot who tried, once again, to run from police, was when she fired. Now, I do think she should definitely face charges. She is a trained officer who should very well know the difference between pulling her firearm from pulling a taser. There was another officer in front of her and another on the other side of the car. Neither of those two fired their weapon. I think she should very well face charges even though I believe it was actually a mistake. It was a mistake that should never have been made. and when the car started pulling away she probably should not have tried to fire a taser either because that may have created a bigger risk.

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