Grinch I used to smile and then I drove the bus hoodie

This has led to numerous accidental shoot downs of Grinch I used to smile and then I drove the bus hoodie, because they weren’t going to take the chance that it was a military plane in disguise. Well, disregarding the genders part of this because that’s literally what being transgender is. Transracial is an oft-misunderstood phenomenon, and is not Rachael Dolezal. It’s complicated. Otherkin, though, I try not to think about. They’re not hurting anybody until conservative news outlets go “look at this freak! HAHAHAHA! Hey, that reminds me: transgender people.Not yet a big one, but a problem nonetheless. Now, I’ve been accused of being an intolerant shitstain for saying so in some of the more identity-political corners of the internet, but don’t expect me to take it like a chump from these assholes who seek to marginalize us because some person either literally or in some illustrative capacity identifies as a corpse flower. Negative, ghostrider. The pattern is SO VERY full.

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Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full. My commute is two miles the Grinch I used to smile and then I drove the bus hoodie. I take a longer way home that’s three miles. I’ll keep putting the short trips on my Mercedes. I could ride my Street Triple to work, but I’d lose more time donning and doffing gear than I’d gain by riding the bike. Keeping this question in mind, let’s examine my previous job. It was 13 miles each way. I generally rode my motorcycle, weather permitting. This was a good bit of my entertainment. If they’d offered me a Prius or a Focus to drive for free instead, that would not have been entertaining. I would have turned it down.

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