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They are in their summer right now and they will have one of the best numbers of recoveries partly due to their climate right now. Australia, for example, has one of the largest counts yet their recovery rate is almost 100%. I don’t think so, coronavirus has reached every place in the earth, no matter if it’s summer or winter or tropical weather, it’s everywhereYes, it has in small numbers and nearly all have recovered.

I lived in SF for 3 years, the Richmond district, near Ocean Beach, I know the Bay Area extremely well. I thought you guys just started 4 days ago according to the news we received. You realize that the San Francisco Bay area is larger than just the City of San Francisco, right.

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I have read that according to some studies it does make it less active, but I mean we’re all indoors all the time here in Florida so I’m not too sure what good it will do. But I think that ultraviolet light (Sun light) can break down its RNA structure and make it not harmful. In hotter countries, it has made no difference so why people would think this is crazyIt seems to be running rampant in the southern US with warmer weather, I doubt summer will do anything.

The sun UV rays might help but in the southern hemisphere the virus still rampant and they just started Autumn. And yes there will still be casualties until the virus dies outNo one knows, possibly. We need to break the chain ( cut it off ) and that can only be done with complete lock down.

All none essential services closed downHeat nor cold temperatures really matter,, we need to stop it spreading from person to person. Plus we live life in temperature controlled spaces, not outside, so the virus will continue to survive unless we all stop going inside. Much warmer, real summers Lower numbers are due to the shelter in place, not the weather.

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