The Good Brothers Brotherhood shirt

My son comes home crying and apologizing over and The Good Brothers Brotherhood shirt for hurting those boys. I asked him what happened and why he would do that, then he told us the story. I had him go check to make sure nothing was hurt. He said he was sore and sure enough he had a bruise on his testicle. I was pissed, I said why didn’t you tell the Principal? He said he had tried multiple times but anytime he would say something the principal would throw his hand up and tell him to shoosh. So my husband and I went to to school to sort this out. The principal was the same with us! Didn’t want to hear it as they have a no bullying policy. They even have cameras they could of reviewed. Finally I decided to talk to the boys parent that I babysit, and my son told the parents what happened and profusely apologized for hurting there son saying he just wanted it to stop. The parents asked their son what happened and he admitted to my sons story being the truth. They then apologized to us and made their son tell the school what happened. But guess what, my son was still suspended for fighting back, those boys got suspended as well, but wow I was livid. The school never once apologized for how they treated us either. In Italy church marriages ate lessthan half the total, divorce rates are more or less the same as in the rest of southern Europe, kept lower by the fact that a third of all couples don’t even bother getting married in first place, the last feminist demonstration I went to counted 250,000 people (Non una di meno) and I have more GLBTI etc. friends than straight ones (and most of these are allies like me). Please be aware as I post this that a certain parrot-fancier has developed paranoid delusions about me, and has been telling everyone that I set a non-existent fiancé to spy on her, and then because I asked a mutual friend to tell her that I don’t have a fiancé and that it was just one of my fan club pissing about, she is now claiming that the mutual friend is my agent. Sadly this is not a new thing, as she is notorious in fandom for having tried to insist that an SF convention should provide her with an armed guard, so please don’t bully her over it – she can’t help it. Just be aware that no, I am not running some mysterious spy network.The Good Brothers Brotherhood shirt

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