Ginger Gonzaga Royal Avongers shirt

“The tennis bracelet serves as the Ginger Gonzaga Royal Avongers shirt In the same way perfect piece of jewelry to wear while playing the sport, or for that matter, any other athletic activity,” says Kim-Eva Wempe, owner and managing partner of jewelry brand Wempe. “It’s lightweight, usually fits pretty snug to the arm, and isn’t bulky, so you don’t have to worry about it being a distraction or moving around much.” This practical luxury is just as appealing off the court, as many women find themselves dressing with versatility in mind. A simple strand of diamonds can be styled just as easily with jeans and a tee as it can be with a black-tie gown.

Ginger Gonzaga Royal Avongers shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Ginger Gonzaga Royal Avongers shirt

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