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“Matthew is always able to really elevate any idea, no matter how bizarre the project is. As I mentioned, the early ’00s Jersey Shore / Ashton Kutcher look was big for this one—you see a bit of that when they’re performing in the backyard. We also knew that we wanted twigs to wear something larger than life. I loved how her dress looked when it was all stuffed into the car as though it’s her wedding day. Lean has a really clear vision and it worked out perfectly with Matthew as they seemed to totally align on everything.”

Save America Donald Trump T-Shirt

“The car is basically the other featured artist on the track, it became such a big character in the video. Our production designer Louis Simonon and his team killed it. The whole car had wires running through it to a battery back in the trunk so that we could get chandeliers swinging on the hood. I won’t give away all of Louis’s secrets but he also had to get the chandeliers to stay on without bolting them into the car and I think they ended up using really strong suction cups. From the start, Lean was really into the idea of having the car central to the video so we really wanted it to be the most absurd and over-the-top version it could be.

Save America Donald Trump T-Shirt MockupHR hoodie den

Our DOP Jake Hunter managed to hit the perfect balance between a home video, an MTV reality show, and an ’80s crime movie. Of course, I’m really happy we were able to slide in a reference to one of my favorite music video moments of all time: It’s our loving homage to Nelly and Kelly. [The text at the opening of “Bliss” video echoes that in the “Dilemma” video of 2002].

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