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The nature of Biden’s immediate agenda — a $1.9-trillion coronavirus relief proposal, to be followed by a massive infrastructure proposal — also maximizes that opportunity. Among the White working-class voters whose flip from blue to red made Trump president in 2016, appeals on bread-and-butter economic concerns resonate far better than values issues such as racial equity or abortion.Biden won back just 10% of them in November even after a campaign contrasting Trump’s divisiveness with his own calls for unity. But the White House bully pulpit gives him a chance to win over more of them on some initiatives, especially with Trump exiled to Florida without access to his social media megaphone.”This is the best chance we have,” says David Shor, a leading Democratic electoral strategist. As a 78-year-old White man rooted in the Main Street of an earlier era, Biden puts the friendliest face on his party’s agenda for voters who feel threatened by cultural and economic change.

Consider these results from a Quinnipiac University national poll last week: 15% of Republicans approve of Trump’s impeachment, 17% say White supremacy played a major role in the insurrection, and 33% don’t want former president to play a major role within the party in the future. While 67% of Republicans falsely believe Biden did not legitimately win the presidency, 28% acknowledge that in fact he did.Biden looks even friendlier after the deadly insurrection that Trump incited on January 6, which led to his second impeachment by the House and his looming impeachment trial in the Senate. By deepening fissures within the GOP, those events expand Biden’s opportunity to gain defections.Biden may also benefit from deeper undercurrents of American yearning to move beyond divisions that have been building for years before exploding in violence at the Capitol. Harvard social scientist Robert Putnam, who documented the increasing atomization of American society two decades ago in his book Bowling Alone, has just published a new volume, The Upswing, envisioning the repeat of an historic pattern that would nudge American society back toward shared values.

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Stem Science Technology Engineering Math Shirt

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