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Anyway, the happiness that can be obtained by surrendering to Krishna’s enjoyment is so far superior to the happiness Ford Mustang may the horse be with you shirt that one can squeeze out of matter, that sex with the most beautiful women becomes like broken glass in comparison. And who or what is to be blamed for the fact that the modern world runs on animal principles? Atheism. Atheism reduces the human being to nothing more than an animal. In reality, the human life-form is a unique opportunity for the soul to realize its real, eternal identity. The soul cannot realize itself in any other life-form. In other forms of life, the soul is merely busy with eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. The human form of life is a waste of time for the soul if it is not used to learn about one’s real self and one’s relation to Krishna.

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The soul can relate to Krishna as his master, his father, his son, his lover, or he can have a neutral relationship with Him. The point being, that Krishna is the only center. He is the beloved of the soul. When we love Krishna, who is the root of everything, we automatically love all His parts and parcels – all other living entities. It’s like watering a tree. One does not benefit the tree by pouring water on its every leaf and branch. Water is poured on the root. Then the whole tree is nourished. In the same way, all living entities are benefited and nourished when one loves and serves Krishna – the root of all existence. Happiness is an inner thing. You do not need to be a millionaire or a saint to be happy. You just need to be grateful for whatever you have at this moment, even if it looks small to you.


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