Fight for 15 shirt, hoodie

She came home the Sunday before Thanksgiving. She continued with regular physical therapy for another three months, by which time she was driving herself around and functioning as any normal person her age could. During the initial triage, she was asked the usual questions. She knew it was Monday, but had no idea as to the date or year. Then the doctor asked who was president, and my wife loudly responded. Chicken shouldn’t still have bones in it, you must always peel potatoes, and iceberg lettuce is the only thing worth eating. And I was a real cheapskate for not buying a bag of bread but baking it instead. His family looked more and more nervous as time went on, sneaking little glances at his dad. I had no idea what that meant, until my future father in law started sniping back. So in their quest for Independence they turned to China and Russia. Anyway my social studies teacher made a big impression on me.

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