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At the Ruth Sent Me Shirt in other words I will buy this end of one overcast day, we put on our jackets and boots and shuffle around the block, keeping a safe distance from anyone we encounter. This grim march under the stony skies is clearly not what any of us want to be doing, but I feel the need for fresh air and whatever tiny shafts of vitamin D we can absorb. The two-year-old looks up at me with his wise little eyes, discerning my mood, and asks, You okay, mama I’m not sure how to answer him.Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump has been a disturbingly erratic figure, one who began by dismissing the danger outright, then continually lying about the preparedness of the country to meet this medical crisis as the infections rose and deaths mounted. Even as governors around the country complained about the lack of resources and pleaded for the federal government to come to their aid, the president and his top advisors continued to claim that everything was perfectly under control.

Ruth Sent Me Shirt


As late as March 7, when asked by a reporter if he was “concerned” about the Ruth Sent Me Shirt in other words I will buy this spread of COVID-19 in the United States, Trump responded: “No, I’m not concerned at all. No, we’ve done a great job with it.” A few days later, he doubled-down on that optimistic assessment: “We’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.” And as many people around the country have found it impossible to be tested for coronavirus, even those who are displaying clear symptoms of COVID-19, the president stated flatly: “Anybody that needs a test gets a test. We—they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.”

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