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Training on the economics and finance of every crop is only the first step. Many hands holding support is then required to help individual farmers capture the technical and financial data that they generate on a daily basis and easily analyze the same in terms of profitability, cash flow, figures for alternate crops, etc., etc. This would enable the farmers to obtain feedback on the fly enabling them to make well-informed decisions by juxtaposing their time-tested embedded knowledge and wisdom with that put up by the scientific community and analyzing them. Technology is available. Unfortunately, Agricultural and Veterinary Universities in India today seem far far away from reality and the need of the farmer. The farmers would definitely be happy to see this statement proved wrong.

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As we see the literacy rate all over the globe is increasing, but on the other side, very few are interested to know about the feeding of every mouth of this ever-increasing population. So younger generations need to come forward in this vast field known as Agriculture. This must be taught in the early school times so that the next generation will read in their books and then will get acknowledged with the issue. Newer generation technosavy students see farming as a business and hence could be the best Entrepreneurs ever. Agriculture is such a Dynamic aspect that students of any faculty whether basic or applied science can donate their knowledge in this sector. Engineers could also contribute to finding new chemical formulations that will avoid the evaporation of water from the wells, farm ponds without affecting the flora and fauna including Human beings.

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