Evil characters disney face mask

Evil characters disney face mask

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The man with terrible appetite. In 18th century France, there was a man named Tarrare who was believed to have been born in 1772 in Lyon who had an appetite syndrome. He can eat anything he sees with a wide mouth that can hold 12 apples at once; Evil characters disney face mask. When he is hungry, the skin of his abdomen will sag and sag so that it can be wrapped around his body like a belt. When Tarrare is full, his stomach will be as full as a balloon, his eyes will be bloodshot and his body stinks of rotting. With limitless dining ability, Tarrare performed at circuses in France, then enlisted and hospitalized because of hunger, not enough food to feed even though she ate both leftovers and trash. While in the hospital, Tarrare became the subject of the research of doctors and was kicked out when people caught him eating trash, drinking the patient’s blood bags and breaking into the morgue to eat corpses. While there, a 14-month-old baby went missing from the infirmary and hospital staff assumed that Tarrare ate the baby. He was expelled from hospital in 1794 and died in 1798 of tuberculosis.

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