Deadpool surrounded by greatness shirt

Try to not focus much on what you see in the mirror. The human brain is responsible for much of what you see Deadpool surrounded by greatness shirt, not reality. The more you stare and worry, the worse you will look in your own mind. If you worry that your butt looks small, it will look small to you no matter how big it is. Learn the tricks of taking pictures that flatter your butt. Pose with your butt closest to the camera lens, and you will see shapes like on other people’s pictures. Because all published photos are taken from flattering angles and photoshopped to some extent. Nobody looks like that really, all the time, at all angles. Yes, this is what I do, I only take mine out for sex, bathroom breaks, and cleaning. I’ve been doing it for years, no problem at all. If I have to take it out for longer for some reason, everything goes back to normal quickly. Gas escapes around it just fine. It truly has caused me no issues or harm. I like being full and held open all day. Call them out and tell them it makes you uncomfortable. If they have any dignity they’ll stop. If they say you deserve it because of the way you dress then remind them you have the right to wear whatever you want. It’s scary to think people can’t pick up sexual harassment and most blame her. Even if it was a man nobody has the right to be harassed.

Deadpool surrounded by greatness shirt

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