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“What do people DO on dates, I forget,” I recently texted several of my beloved group chats, hoping they’d provide a wealth of tips. Unfortunately, the Leave A Legacy Shirt in contrast I will get this singles were as confused as I was, whereas the couples in our midst were mostly focused on trying not to kill each other after months of prolonged exposure. I remember the general gist—you order a drink, you smile flirtatiously, you oh-so-casually compare friends and hometowns and “cat vs. dog” preferences—but what I’m failing to recall is why we put ourselves through any of it.

Leave A Legacy Shirt

My reopening confusion aside, the Leave A Legacy Shirt in contrast I will get this answer is obvious: Single people (or monogamous ones, anyway) go on dates in hopes of meeting “The One,” someone wonderful and perfect enough to allow us to stop dating forever. The date I have scheduled for tonight may seem daunting, but I have to remind myself it’s actually a step toward where I want to be in five years, even if I find myself hewing to the time-honored tradition of having a meh time and stopping on the way home for a consolation burrito.

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