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Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks longsleeved

Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks longsleeved

I moved to Houston, TX from Denver, CO in Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks T-Shirt 1981. My uncle works at the old Shamrock Hilton Hotel near Astrodome and can get me a job in hotel security. There is a back porch through which hotel staff enters and exits the property and one of my duties is to lock it at 6:00 PM every day. Most of the housekeeping staff are Spanish and I must be insignificant to them because they are hotel guests because they come across me in Spanish about work and what happens in their lives, and never paid for my mind. What they didn’t realize was that Anglo newbies they ignored spoke Spanish and I understood everything they were saying. A few porters and maintenance staff checked me.

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Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks hoodie
Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks sweater

When I first started, by calling my name as they passed by but I didn’t give them any reaction. So my guess is Undefeated Shirt – Houston Roughnecks T-Shirt that they think I didn’t understand what they said. One evening, I was standing at the gate waiting for people to leave and I overheard a few porters talking to a maintenance guy in Spanish. They are talking about returning to the hotel that night to steal the TV. After locking the phone, I contacted the shift supervisor and told him what I had overheard, but be convinced. He called the Security Director and the director told him that he knew about the rumors that employees were planning to steal the TV, but he knew when, until now.

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