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By grown-up logic, there’s no excuse for actions like stabbing someone in the Covid 19 is a scam there is no pandemic wake up shirt moreover I love this face (beyond outright physical assault, anyway), but in a child’s mind, especially one straining for control of the situation, it may well be a reaction to actions that led up to it, which the teacher didn’t see. Certainly we all know kids are masters of doing horribly vindictive things out of teacher’s sight, and certain kids—the ones who rarely get caught—seem to have an instinct for picking out which kid is vulnerable and can be provoked. I’d ask my son why he did it, directly, and maybe he’d give an answer; if he seems closed-mouthed about it, I’d also try to talk about when I had struggles in school, and talk about kids who gave me trouble, and see if that loosens his lips. Though again, with certain conditions, he may not remember clearly, or be able to keep things in chronological order.But I’d also take him to a specialist to see whether there’s an underlying condition. And if there isn’t one, then I’d probably try figure out a way he could start to develop some discipline and self-control. (It doesn’t need to be sports, by the way. Performing arts like playing in a community or school band, or acting, or singing in a choir, also feature discipline, self-control, and teamwork. Forcing a kid who isn’t interested in sports to play a team sport is just asking for trouble.) I hope one day there is a cure for these horrible intrusive thoughts but my hope seems to fade after I read about how the Government only wants to let terminally ill patients access to cannabis. Why only terminally ill people? What about those who suffer terribly almost every day because of trauma? Why should they be treated as lesser beings than someone with cancer. Why is their suffering considered less? I think many people with PTSD often suffer more than many cancer patients, and vice versa. It depends on the person. Shares are seldomly issued at face value as people buy shares of reputed Companies or new Companies of reputed promoters. Therefore we find that most IPOs are offered at a premium to the face value of the share.


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