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Love and peace from Tunisia thank you my friend we love Italy so much. Btw you are confusing John the Apostle with John of Patmos, the author of the Book of Revelation. Yes, but a lot of young people are dying, too.

And in this way the rate of letality is gonna be lower more people ill than there are hospital beds. The total number of infected is valued ten times the number that we have now. I was referring to your stating that Italians are more physical in their interactions yes I no.

So when you are talking about RNA virus, don’t think you are dealing with one fixed strain. I assume there are various factors into play, ambient, eating habits, the age factor, regional pathogens. Because the waited too long for the lockdown plus larger elderly population and a lot more close social mingling (familys).

It is already been badly spread, it will take more days to fully contained it. Had a very high migration of illegal chinese workers, mixed in with a very high elderly population. They have a much older population than most of europe,is the only reason I can think it’s so highThe average age of Italians is 62, much higher than the rest of Europe, this might have something to do with it.


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Thomas Smith rees you need to be scared actually and see the brutal news from the tv, in this way all people have a truly understanding of the problem we are facing, you need to be prepared. Still too many ppl thinking this time off is a holiday; still crowding the shops; still thinking it won’t happen to them. Hc_location=ufiPiero Galeone a I think some ppl need to be scared into taking this seriously.

All on the same day how are that many people getting infected from a complete lockdown and isolation. My hope is in God to restore what man has made as He works through the health workers caring and helping people to get well. Your god is useless, and yet, rather than raising the words of support to people at the front line of this mess, you pray to useless god.

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