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Even on the day, I met him. I had a project for him to complete but he respectfully declined because it was Thanksgiving and he wanted Clark Griswold Hallelujah holy shit Christmas shirt to spend it with his wife and pets. 2 Months later, I receive a text from a mutual friend. The poor guy has drowned to his death, Now, because I knew his wife, I immediately texted her because I wasn’t sure if this was livid and believable since I’ve seen alot of pranks going on. Much to my dismay, his wife confirmed the news and admitted that he had indeed left us. For the next month, all I saw was that lady posting sentimental thoughts and quotes. She would have bad days and worst days, which was okay with her. But what was not okay is the fact that she didn’t have anyone to come back home to now. A few weeks later, she broke the news of her pregnancy. She was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child and the kid was soon due in a few months. It took all my strength to not cry at this. I’d seen her struggle in a new country and then finally find her home in the arms of someone who loved and accepted her.

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Nothing can measure that amount of pain caused when life suddenly yanks away your favourite person, someone that means alot to you. She had her situation explained to her by alot of other disrespectful friends and relatives, who would wrongly compare her trauma by death to their trauma by mutual breakup, which is one of the worst things to do to someone who has just lost their loved one. Anyway, she later moved to Europe and gave birth to her son there and to this day still posts photos of her beautiful little child who probably won’t know his father figure in person ever. The absence of a soul can only be felt by the ones who they mean everything to. And you never really move on or forget, you accept the reality and some even hope that they can find that kind of love again. I remember going to the company’s holiday party with my wife. Samir gave this wonderful speech giving all the credit to his team. You could literally feel the buzz and excitement.


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