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Like most people, I first met the Brontë sisters in a high school class. The spell that Emily’s Wuthering Heights cast on me grew stronger each year. The book’s famous romance (the almost incestuous relationship between the violent Heathcliff and the spoiled Catherine Earnshaw) actually accounts for less than half of the novel. The bigger and harder story – the one that captivated me to read over and over again is a reflection on generations: a study of how human mistakes are passed from parent to child and about how we can outlive past sins. Not long after the book was published, Emily Brontë died at the age of 30. At 25, I’m closer to that age than most teenage lovers – or what I was like when I first knew them. first. The author’s wisdom, to speak of her doomed heroine, ran through me, like wine through water, and changed colors in my mind.

Official disney This Girl Loves Her Mickey Mouse And Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shirt

Honestly, I was in my late 30s when I arrived at The House of Mirth, but this is truly a twenty-something must-read. After all, Edith Wharton’s novel revolves around a 29-year-old beauty named Lily Bart—obviously, this book was written in 1905—who is looking for a favorable marriage to secure her place in the world. New York society. The House of Mirth ranks our heroine’s two-year descent from the prettiest girl in the room to a social outcast. The prose is as beautiful as the story is chilling: She is so clearly a victim of the civilization that produced her, that the links of her bracelet are like bracelets. chained her to his fate. I find myself thinking about this delicate story – and Lily Bart’s tragedy – over and over again.

Official disney This Girl Loves Her Mickey Mouse And Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shirt Hoodie

My new curly hairstyle did everything a great, transformative hairstyle is supposed to do, like making me feel like a whole new and improved person, and at the same time provoking oohs and ahh from strangers as well as loved ones. While I never said never to have my hair, I really can’t imagine ever, never having curly hair again. Here’s a quick and dirty breakdown of what I’ve learned so far about living with bangs. In essence, bangs have a significant impact on your facial features and proportions. It’s completely natural to have thin bangs that will have a transformative effect. I find that my wig softens my face — lightens the severity of my thick, dark brows — while adding definition and greater emphasis to my cheekbones. “Depending on where you cut them, you can use bangs to accentuate or draw attention to your desired features, or make you look stronger or softer,” says Mischa. explain.

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