Chaos Khorne Flakes free enemy skull inside shirt

These shifts happened within my lifetime Chaos Khorne Flakes free enemy skull inside shirt, so perhaps your friends are still remembering conditions from the recent past that are no longer the case, or it could just be denial combined with wishful thinking. That said, there are still smaller numbers of people living in other developed nations who do dream of living in the mythical US, the one they see in the movies and sitcoms, where everyone owns a yacht and retires at age 40. And a few actually do manage to accomplish such things, which admittedly are less inaccessible in the US than many other countries, although still barely more statistically probable than winning the lottery. So no, people from developed nations are no longer yearning to come to the US. In fact most immigration these days, as our President so eloquently described it a few years ago, is not from developed nations, but from failed states and war zones. I wouldn’t put it past him, or that he’s arranged hits in the past, before entering office. He’s low. Really low. And there’s a very good chance he is guilty of having sex with minors while in Epstein’s presence. He was, afterall, the subject of a lawsuit alongside Epstein, being accused of rape by a then 13 yr old girl. So he might have felt a real need to silence him as a pre-emptive struck “just in case” Epstein might implicate him sometime in the future. And no telling just how far Barr would go for him.

Chaos Khorne Flakes free enemy skull inside shirt

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