Cat Pennywise If you hurt my Cat I will slap you so hard even google wont be able to find you shirt

But I had an idea. I had some change in my pocket, enough to power up one of the dryers. All I’d have to do is jam something into the door switch so I could leave the door open and still run the machine. And that’s what I did. I pulled a chair up to the front of the machine and propped my legs in the open door and finally basked in a blast of hot air from the machine. That lasted for 30 minutes, enough time to thaw my miserably cold body out and get a few winks of sleep. When I awakened from the sound of the machine stopping, there was the early signs of light outside as the sun began to rise. I’d have stayed for another 30 minute respite, but I didn’t have enough change, so I got on my way. Fortunately, as I headed out of town an old farmer picked me up and was headed to San Antonio. He’d be passing through Beeville on his way north. I finally got to the Naval Base around 8 that morning. After a good, hot shower to freshen up and thaw out, I hit my rack and slept the day away.

Cat Pennywise If you hurt my Cat I will slap you so hard even google wont be able to find you shirt

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I was 17 years old and there was this neighbour who was such a mean bitch that you could practically light a cigarette with the flames that came from her mouth from time to time.She lived alone in some beautiful decorated home since her late husband passed away and her only son and daughter both left for university a few years earlier.The lawn and garden was immaculate and her home could’ve easily made the cover of Architectual Digest with the three page article to follow with pics of every room. I’d had been in her home only twice when my mom came over for tea (more so that the bitch could find out every detail about my mom and me and my older brother and sister who were no longer living at home). Also, once I came in to drop off a large parcel that came to our home by mistake and I was scolded for ‘touching her property’ and she later complained to my mom that ‘my shoes dirtied her hard wood floor and she she had to spend money to get it inspected to assess damage and get it polished again to a shine’.

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