Camping witches with hitches Halloween shirt

Clear and full of stars. I had been up since 7 o’clock the day before getting everything ready and when we got to the Villa at 10PM my wife went to take a shower and I promptly passed out on the couch. My wife gave me crap about that for a few years but she wasn’t the one running around doing everything. She slept the night before at her friends while I was building a damn gazebo all night. We had bought one and they told the day before that it wouldn’t arrive for two more weeks. The problem was it was already two weeks late and only took a week to build they told us. I didn’t accept that and demanded my money back or I was calling the cops. I’m not sure I would have won that one but they gave me my money back to get me out of their show room. On top of that the table rental company went bankrupt and never told us. I went to home depot bought everything for the gazebo, a book with plans in it, and 50 plastic tables and 200 chairs.

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Camping witches with hitches Halloween shirt

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I called up my brother and my uncle and we began building a gazebo from scratch. I’m a idiot I admit because I let my wife chose the one and it was a 20 foot round one that had us scratching our heads more than a few times. But we got it done and the paint was mostly dry when people started showing up. I had just enough time to shower and get into my tux before I had to go stand there and wait for a hour and a half because my wife over slept. The day was perfect for my wife but I was ready to pass out several times. Katherine was raised to have at least two missions in mind. The first mission was to marry a wealthy man. She was educated in the school wealthy people would put their children in. She wanted to live in comfort. Her next mission was to be a stay at home mother and wife. Kate never had goals outside of marrying wealth and popping out a few babies. Kate wanted William and she knew he could provide that life for her. Kate changed schools in order to meet William, she waited 10 years for the proposal. Kate accepted the terms that come with the ring. Kate does exactly what she is told by William and his dad and grandparents.

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