Butterfly All I want is for my Dad in heaven to know how much I love and miss him shirt

Oh, I have lots of stories… Let’s go with this one. She decided on my diagnosis before she even entered the room. She introduced herself, asked why I was there, and proceeded to interrupt me and correct me with each symptom I described. She had pushed me into an awkward position on the table, while sticking tools (and her hands) into holes I’d rather not mention here, with no warning, while aggressively asking me questions and then interrupting my answers to tell me that I was wrong and it’s not this symptom, it’s that. I tried in vain to tell her that she was wrong and describe my actual symptoms, but she just talked over me.

Butterfly All I want is for my Dad in heaven to know how much I love and miss him shirt

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I had mentioned pain in or near my kidneys. She looked at me like I was annoying her with my stupidity. She ordered me to point to where the pain was, which I tried to do but I was awkwardly leaning back and still had some kind of tube in me. I wasn’t able to reach the spot exactly, so she said (even more aggressively) that where I pointed is not where my kidneys are, thus proving that I don’t know my own symptoms. I have anxiety problems, have been abused in the past, and have had too many interactions like this with doctors like her. So I was descending into a panic attack and could barely remember how to speak at this point.