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Because two words: road trip! Our skulls are different because we made a road trip. I have explained it more clearly. But we will have to go back to the Skull mask Fuck Corona T-shirt beginning. The beginning of us. The beginning of homo sapiens. No shrubs appeared on earth and no trees ever sprouted, for God did not send rain on earth and no one worked on the ground, six streams appeared from the earth and watered the whole thing. ground. We started in a hot and dry place; But we have built it.

Skull mask Fuck Corona T-tank top

Skull mask Fuck Corona T-tank top

tank top

Hot, dry climates prefer long and thin frames, because these frames will have a higher body surface area than mass ratio, allowing the body to lose heat faster. So that’s how we were built. And heavy sun supports dark skin. So here is what we can look like. The  Skull mask Fuck Corona T-shirt same principles apply to our faces as well. Our skull is narrow in portrait (from front plane / rim) and wide in section (from side plane / plane).

Skull mask Fuck Corona T-hoodie, sweater

Skull mask Fuck Corona T-sweater


Skull mask Fuck Corona T-hoodie


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