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He is not a good supervisor, he Michael Scott 2020 shirt cannot effectively perform basic tasks like dismissing others, he is a sexual / racial lawsuit, he does not know the ideas. Basic business like bankruptcy and he lacks people skills. However, he is a great salesman (shown in many episodes that he keeps an account on or outperforms everyone else), he knows his industry (at least the fictional version of it is on the show), he’s almost always right about strategic issues, and he’s shown many times to be more strategic conscious than any boss.

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It is easy to quote him as an example of the Michael Scott 2020 shirt Peter Principle, a person who has been promoted beyond his level of competence. I don’t think that’s true, though. You don’t want him to handle your book or be at the front lines of your company. At the same time, he has undeniable skills. I think he’s really an example of someone becoming a CEO or COO and not being qualified in the lower ranking positions. You want him in an executive position, where he can design strategies, design products or create training guides.

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