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What is the I’m Fine Diabetes Warrior shirt prognosis of diabetes? Which type of DM does it depend on? There are THREE basic types, with subtypes of each. So what else does the patient have? What kind of lifestyle? How are patients oriented to health? How old is the patient ALL of these, and many more things affect the setting of a mental prognosis for a patient? DM alone is too incomplete. Which says….

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For a typical, newly diagnosed patient there is no other serious medical concern EXCELLENT! I was diagnosed at the I’m Fine Diabetes Warrior shirt age of 11 nearly 54 years ago and I am still here, alive and well, and looking forward to being here for many more years. STATISTICS STATISTICS NIH will tell you that, on average, a person with type 1 diabetes (type 1) lives 20 years less than a person without diabetes. A T2 lives 10 years less than a person without diabetes. BUT .. includes ALL T1 and T2s who have good control of their disease and those who are ill.

I'm Fine Diabetes Warrior tank top

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Among us, DO manages it very well, it’s not unusual to survive longer than non-diabetic partners. I have been to the I’m Fine Diabetes Warrior shirt funerals of some of my contemporaries who are perfectly healthy. All their lives until they do not, usually because they live as immortal, do not realize the fact that we are all human, and need to take care of ourselves and our health. Balanced diet to meet the energy needs of patients. Energy needs depend on age, gender and activity level.

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A protein-rich diet is important. The I’m Fine Diabetes Warrior shirt Indian diet is inherently lacking in protein. Sources of protein are eggs, meat, fish, soy, beans. A TB patient needs protein to recover. Carbohydrates are essential. A patient with diabetes should include complex carbs such as beets, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and exclude simple carbs like candy, sugar, and coffee. Simple carbs increase blood sugar. Good fat is also important. Cooking oils like sunflower oil and olive oil are rich in good fats. Dried fruits are a good source of calories, fiber and fat.

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