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To paraphrase David Stoddard, why not? Quarantine is not a Class of 2020 Quarantined Mask T-shirt prison or death sentence unless a person turns it into it. Our mind is a great tool that can make everything good or bad and WE control it. If you are dissatisfied, isolated or not, you can decide to change it, even if you are depressed. One of the non-medical techniques to turn depression is to be aware of your thoughts and replace negative words with more positive ones. It is also helpful to ask why you have such a negative view of a particular situation.

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You are very fortunate to be clearly able to be happy in situations that make others feel stressed. This does not mean that you do not know what is happening. It shows your ability to handle stress in a healthy way. I imagine a lot of things will depend on how his partner behaves during isolation. If the partner (or provider) begins to take action, the  Class of 2020 Quarantined Mask T-shirt narcissist may react in the way he usually does or more. The question is very interesting, because it only focuses on the narcissist and the way he acts or responds. No curiosity or concern about how the partner (or offer) reacts?

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