Beware of lil dawg shirt

This collection is a rebellion against the Beware of lil dawg shirt Be different from “girly dresses” that Co’s Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern see saturating both the market and Co’s own archive (though as Co has been an ascetic minimalist brand for years, that’s a relative term). The best way to empower women, in Danan’s view, is to give them clothing on the masculine side, a little bit of armor rather than cushioning. That approach is certainly up for debate, as many women feel most at home in clothes that amplify their femininity. But that’s not Danan’s personal experience, and she translates it authentically into a thoughtful collection that still includes plenty of skirts and even a few dresses.

Beware of lil dawg shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Beware of lil dawg shirt

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