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I was the assistant manager and needed to be at work on Bends All Elements bends Water ben Earth bends Fire bends Suki shirt to let everyone else in and this guy wants to keep asking the same bull$hit questions. I really started to lose my patience after the 3rd time he asked who I bought the vehicle from and, I’m not gonna lie, I started giving attitude right back to him. After almost 30 minutes, he finally gives up trying to find something to write me a ticket for and decides to let me go. He brings my Glock back to me completely dismantled. Most cops just remove the magazine and that’s good enough. Not this a-hole. He removed the magazine, removed the bullets from the magazine, took the slide off, removed the barrel, and basically handed me the gun in 5 different pieces. It was completely uncalled for and he did it just to be a prick. My old boss was a general foreman for the pipe fitters union. He brought in over 100k a year. He had a wife and 3 children. One day he came in to work looking like a ghost. He explained to us that his wife left her phone at home when she and their newly 16 year old son went for a drive. They actually purchased a used car for him that day.

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It was a great family moment. While she was out test driving the new car with their son, her phone was blowing up at home. Thinking it was an emergency he opened up her phone to find a text exchange between her and the sound guy from church, having a text porno scene. This was the moment that he found out his wife had been cheating on him for the last 6 months. She was actually bringing this guy to the house at night while the husband and kids were sleeping. My boss immediately looked into divorce. His sister’s husband is a corporate lawyer so he helped him get setup with attorneys. He eventually quit his union job and started his own business. With a low income startup he was able to lower the alimony payments to his ex wife. He built a bedroom and bathroom in his shop and now lives there eating microwave food 3 meals a day while his ex wife lives in their 3200 sq ft home with the kids. It’s almost as if having spent month stoking fears of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine in populations who already had significant level of vaccine scepticism has lead to people being hyper-vigilant, indeed paranoid, about other vaccines.

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