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Immediately, it became the phrase of the 2020 campaign, though perhaps without the majesty of such previous slogans like “Morning in America” or the pop-culture knowingness of “Where’s the beef?” Suddenly mocking tweets, memes, and even a catchy music video appeared. Sarah Cooper, who has become a TikTok star by lip-synching Trump’s speeches to hilarious effect, rushed out a funny new video. And The Late Show With Stephen Colbert produced a minute-and-a-half trailer for a new movie that “examines one of the great minds in history.” As a series of clips of Trump played in sequence, including him reciting those five now famous five words, an announcer intoned, “He saw the world in a way no one could imagine,” adding, “From the makers of A Beautiful Mind comes A Good Brain…coming soon to a person, woman, man, camera, TV near you.”Cohen also began posting images from the collection of local Israeli designer Shahar Avnet, which eventually caught the attention of Beyoncé’s stylist Zerina Akers. Her assistant reached out to Cohen via DM and asked if she could share contact information for Avnet, and as a result Beyoncé has worn Avnet’s confectionery couture gowns on more than one occasion, including on her last tour and for a scene in her music video for “Spirit,” from the remake of The Lion King last year.

Official 2021 Texas Neanderthal Thinking Proud Neanderthal Shirt

Fresh off the glory of his pre-pandemic Oscar win—which now feels like a lifetime ago—Brad Pitt is an Emmy nominee. In an instance of doing the most with the least amount of screen time, Pitt is nominated for guest actor in a comedy series for the three minutes he played Dr. Anthony Fauci in an April cold-open of Saturday Night Live at Home, nailing Fauci’s Brooklyn accent and debonair gray hair (with the help of a wig). It took one national treasure and heartthrob to play another, as Pitt joked: “I’d like to thank all the older women in America who have sent me inspiring—and sometimes graphic—emails.”

Official 2021 Texas Neanderthal Thinking Proud Neanderthal Shirt Hoodie

Pitt faces some formidable competition in the category, including Eddie Murphy for hosting SNL, a posthumous nomination for Fred Willard for his appearance on Modern Family, and Luke Kirby, who plays Lenny Bruce on the year’s most-nominated comedy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. But even before what many consider to be a surprise nod (Pitt previously won an Emmy for producing 2014’s The Normal Heart), Pitt’s SNL performance won the approval of Fauci himself.

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