Bart Simpson Gummy Bear T-shirt

Closely Crafted’s mission is to raise awareness of designers who produce in America and eventually sponsor apprenticeships for young people to learn the Bart Simpson Gummy Bear T-shirt As an example trade. As Burris O’Hara explains, it’s crucial to make tailoring, millinery, pleating, and other kinds of work essential to the fashion industry a viable career option for the next generations. They’re up against decades of decline in the United States: According to Business of Fashion, in the ’60s 95% of clothing purchased in the States was made in the States. As of 2015, that had switched and 97% of clothing was now imported. “Factories and ateliers are closing, and with that decades of knowledge vanish along with them,” says Burris O’Hara. “There is an age gap in the talented workforce, and we hope to preserve this know-how through supported training programs focused on a new generation of young creators. The preservation and transmission of skill sets across generations is crucial to sustaining our ability to support an American fashion industry that makes in the United States.”

Bart Simpson Gummy Bear T-shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Bart Simpson Gummy Bear T-shirt

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