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It was around lunch time at one of our joints and the restaurant was full and buzzing, the kitchen was busy and I was commanding the dispatch area when the manager came around and told me there was an issue for me, I went out and walked all the way to the seats near the entrance where there were two ladies one looking like a mother to the other. The older lady went straight to asking me what is this? In fact I have called my lawyer who is on his way, I bend down to see I piece of glove on her salad, yeah it was offensive to have it there but not to the extend of the way she had put it, I tried to explain but she was yelling at her high voice, in fact all attention was on us, by this time she was calling us by names because she had asked them from me needing to mention my manager was on her name tag. I was pissed off at the point she said my job was over and I quietly excused my self and walked back to the kitchen and went on my duties, I later found out the ladies chose other meals and never paid either.

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A third time, paramedics called. I was at home with my husband and roommate (male). We were definitely intoxicated but quietly playing a board game. I suddenly had a thing called a posterior nose bleed. If you’ve ever witnessed one, it’s scary. You just start gushing blood, I mean tons of it, like soak a whole roll of paper towels in 10 minutes, and no way to really stop the bleeding at home. None of us is sober enough to drive, so my roommate called for an ambulance. The paramedics assessed the situation and assumed that one of these men I lived with must have punched me. The police separated everyone and interviewed us, the men fairly harshly. To be fair, my nose is chronically broken, meaning I’ve broken it so many times it won’t heal properly without a surgical process. Once this was explained, all was well and I was transported to the ER.
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