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“I just had my third baby—a boy—so everything is a new experience for me right now,” says Kondo, already a mother to two older daughters, via Zoom. Her backdrop is as spartan as you’d imagine it would be: The impeccably lit white-walled room features a minimalist shelving unit stacked with a single plant and a diffuser. Then, a crack in the perfect veneer: the faint sound of an infant crying! “I have a dedicated drawer for things the baby grows out of, and it has a set limit that I try not to go over,” Kondo says of her solution for dealing with the same organizational pitfalls that plague all new mothers. “But let’s be honest,” she deadpans via translator: “it’s overflowing!” The premise for another TV series, perhaps? Here, the woman inspiring Americans to clean up their acts shares her sanity saving tips for creating order at home, at work, and in the increasingly rare spaces between.

Disney Halloween Mickey Minnie Shirt

A hair chameleon if ever there was one, Billie Eilish never sits with one hairstyle for too long; instead, she keeps things exciting. That time she dyed her previously black and green hair platinum blonde, for one, nearly broke the internet. And her last look, the wolf cut, spurred a whole craze for what was previously a niche hairstyle. Now, the singer has done it again. Cutting off the majority of her hair, Eilish posted a video of herself shaking her newly chopped locks in a video on Instagram. Captioned “gone,” the new style sits an inch below her chin, just above her shoulders. With lots of grit and texture and that now signature choppy fringe, Billie’s new shaggy bob frames her face with lots of layers and movement. Reminiscent of hairstyles from the ’70s, Eilish referenced a picture of her “mama” in her Instagram Stories. An ultra cool look, the Bad Guy singer is clearly feeling herself, proclaiming she “loves it.” Keep an eye on this one—it’s soon to be everywhere.

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Am I fearless today? Absolutely not. But I have found a way to do the things that used to leave me utterly defeated, in a state of mortal fear. Yes. From mantras to meditation, mindfulness to manifestation, Well Intentioned offers an intimate look at how to make space for self-care in meaningful ways, big and small. Marie Kondo’s firm grip on our subconscious is an impressive feat rarely achieved in pop culture. Her distillation of Japanese organizational methods is so ingrained, that whenever I contemplate which items to keep and which need to go during a long-overdue closet purge—an “intermittent decluttering” that goes against Kondo’s advice of investing in more of a once-in-a-lifetime purge—the same four words cross my mind: Does it spark joy? Starting next week, the sound of Kondo’s delicate hand striking a crystal with a tuning fork to energetically clear a space will become a similarly ubiquitous mental device. “Sparking Joy,” the organizational psychologist-turned-bestselling author, entrepreneur, educator, and television star’s new series for Netflix, debuts on Tuesday and will feature Kondo working her KonMari magic outside of the home. “After 2020, I realized that it was time to challenge myself and the method further,” says the 36-year-old, who turns executive consultant in an effort to help small business owners—a family-owned garden center, a boutique coffee shop—go outside their comfort zones to tidy up their operations, as well as improve the interpersonal relationships that surround them.

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